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Prices listed on this site are current as of January 1, 2020. Prices listed herein may represent discounted amounts from our current Master Price List.  Due to the wide selection of products offered, prices may change without notice. We also reserve the right to make corrections in the event of a misprint.


Open Account Terms Terms of net 15 days shall be extended to fire departments, cities and governmental agencies in good standing.  If you have an existing open account, all that is required is when ordering via the internet is a Purchase Order number.  Upon submission of your order Warthog Products, Ltd. will verify your account information prior to processing the order. We encourage new business customers placing their first order to forward their credit application for credit approval, or make payment with check, credit card or wire transfer in advance. This can help reduce any shipping delays that may occur during the credit review process.  Governmental orders require a purchase order.  Past due accounts may be charged a 1.5% monthly late charge.


Orders Placed By Individuals All individual orders must be accompanied by full payment (check, money order or credit card) plus shipping charges and applicable state tax (IL residents only, 7.25%).


Continental U.S. orders are shipped for speed, convenience and economy. Sorry, we do not ship outside the United States. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii require additional charges.  Some restrictions apply because of quantity, weight, shape or size. Shipping charges for orders being delivered in the Continental United States will be calculated based on “Value Of Merchandise.” There may also be additional charges for certain goods deemed to be hazardous in which case you will be informed. Many items may require additional shipping charges. If the items you are ordering require extra shipping, we will notify you when your order is received. 

Standard Shipping Charges






Over $400.00.....6% of order

  • Some items which require extra shipping are: hooks & tools, fire hose, foam, cribbing and salvage covers. 

  • Most items will ship F.O.B. from Lombard, IL via UPS Ground or USPS.  Items that are over 70 lbs. or have and overall measurement in excess of 108” will be shipped motor freight.


Price Quote/Special Products

If you are purchasing products in large quantities or are in need of a special or new product which is not found in our site, we will be happy to provide you with a special price quote.  Please contact us via our contact form for more information.

Damaged Goods

In the event you receive a damaged or short shipment, you must immediately file a claim with the carrier. Under ICC regulations this claim is the consignee's (your) responsibility. Please contact us at 1-888-223-5566 or for assistance.


When returning any part of your order, please contact us at 1-888-223-5566 or and include your order number and the specifics of your situation.  Please note that you must contact us prior to returning any merchandise.  Carefully repackage the merchandise using the original packing material if possible, to prevent damage in transit.  All items that are returned must be in the same condition as they were when delivered. Returned items may be subject to a handling charge of 20%.

 Packages can be sent to:

                        Warthog Products, Ltd.
                        228 W. Morris
                        Lombard, IL 60148

Please insure it for its full value and keep all your postal and insurance receipts.


Pretty simple-We don't share your info with anyone other than what is needed to complete your order.  We may send you emails in the future but you can opt out of these easily by clicking a link in the email.


  1. What are the advantages of The Warthog over the blade I'm using now?

  2. What type of materials can the Warthog blade cut?

  3. What type of saw do you recommend to use with The Warthog?

  4. Is it OK to cut through roof rafters when I open up a roof?

  5. Why don't you make a 14" Warthog Ventilation Blade?

  6. The blade is too hard to clean while still mounted on the saw. But when we leave some tar on the blade it doesn't work like it should. What can we do?


What are the advantages of The Warthog over the blade I'm using now? 
There are 3 main advantages to The Warthog:

  • It doesn't bind. Because the tips are a full 3/8" wide and the kerf created when cutting is almost 1/2" wide.  This leaves room for the blade to rotate freely withour binding.

  • It doesn't clog. The deep gullet design of the teeth allow the cut materials to clear the blade guard area easily.

  • The tips don't fall off.  The large surface area of the tips coupled with the special method of attaching the tips creates a superior bond that resits tip loss.  See the warranty below.  Does the blade you are using now offer a tip loss warranty???

What type of materials can the Warthog blade cut? 
The Warthog Ventilation Blade is designed to cut wood and other soft materials such as roofing, and siding. However due to the nature of fire service cutting operations, it is often necessary to cut structural components of varied construction with underlying components of unknown composition. Fire department customers of the Warthog Ventilation Blade find that the blade has also cut brick, galvanized pipe, and light gauge sheet metal, (as found on flat roof decking) without substantial detrimental effects.

What type of saw do you recommend to use with The Warthog? 
We do not recommend one saw over another but when considering a saw purchase, try to spec out one with at least 95cc.

Is it OK to cut through roof rafters when I open up a roof? 
No. Since the roof is already under additional stress because of the fire, you must try not to cut the structural members. This may be difficult. Only with practice and experience with The Warthog and your saw will you be able to tell when you come up to a rafter. When you feel the rafter, slowly lift the saw to ride up over it. Then sink the saw all the way back down into the roof and continue to the next one. Remember most residential roof rafters are spaced on either 16" or 24" centers.

Why don't you make a 14" Warthog Ventilation Blade? 
The 12" model weighs approximately 5 lbs. A 14" model would simply be too heavy. Also the gyroscopic force from such a blade may be too strong to handle safely.

The blade is too hard to clean while still mounted on the saw. But when we leave some tar on the blade it doesn't work like it should. What can we do? 
First, don't be lazy, take the blade off the saw to clean it. Immerse it in solvent or other cleaner to loosen the buildup then use a stiff bristle brush or scraper to complete the job. When done cleaning, wipe the blade dry and give it a coating of WD 40 or similar spray. This will protect the blade from rust and also help to prevent build up the next time you use it. It will also make it easier to clean next time.

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