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The Warthog Ventilation Blade

Nothing Cuts Like A Warthog
The Warthog is a carbide tip saw blade designed especially for fire department venting operations. Be it floors, walls or roofs, the Warthog's aggressive tooth design cuts through roofing materials, wood flooring and siding like a hot knife through butter.

The aggressive tooth design of the Warthog blade easily and quickly cuts through roofing materials, wood flooring and siding. Heavy duty construction helps prevent tip loss, the major problem with standard carbide tip saw blades. Each oversized carbide tip is mounted to the blade by a special process. This cushions the tip mounting and makes this blade the most durable (and probably the last) ventilation saw blade you will ever buy.
Does your standard carbide tip blade offer you the same advantages as the Warthog?


Warthog Advantages

  • It doesn't bind Due to the aggressive tip angle, all you have to do is feed the blade into the surface to be cut and it does the rest.

  • It doesn't clog Even when going through multiple layers of roofing paper and tar. The deep tooth design deposits cut materials outside the blade guard, keeping cutting performance high.

  • It lasts like no other blade  The heavy duty tips are a full 3/8" wide and 5/8" tall. Tip loss is a problem of the past. Can you say that about the blade you are using now?

  • It is proven by fire departments all over the USA to be a dependable, high performance blade like no other.

  • It increases the safety of your ventilation crews by reducing the time and effort required to cut holes.

  • The extra large tips on the WARTHOG make sharpening and retipping a cost effective option.

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