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First responders are exposed to many toxic chemicals and carcinogens throughout their careers. Recent studies show that immediate removal of these toxic contaminants can decrease the amount of carcinogens that enter the body. Rescue Wipes are designed specifically for first responders, and provides an effective way to minimize the risk of cancer, and toxins from being absorbed into the skin.

Rescue Wipes Personal Decon Towlettes

Warthog Products WH15-3C Haz Mat Decontamination Manifold

The Warthog Decon Manifold reduces the flow of water from a 1-½” Fire Hose to a series of three spigots. Garden hoses can be attached directly to the manifold and run to a Decon Shower or used separately. Now redesigned to fit in almost any rig, it measures 14" x 6-3/8" x 7" and has the same capability as our previous larger version. Made in the USA.

Current Web Site Price $99.95

Firefighter Door Wedge-Warthog Hinge Hook (Pack of 3)

Closed doors can trap you in a room. Traditional wedges have been used to keep doors open but these can easily become dislodged. Designed by a firefighter, The Warthog Hinge Hook is a simple, reusable, and more reliable device that can be inserted over the hinge of almost any door to aide in preventing door closure without damaging the door.

Current Web Site Price $10.95ea.

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Glove Straps (Pack of 5) Choose Your Color

5-pack of Firefighter Work Glove Holder Straps, Luggage Marker, Military, Hunters, Has Many Other Uses Keep Gloves Dry and Handy.

Current Web Site Price $5.95ea.

Amazon Bundle Exclusive

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