The second bag of the LiteSpeed rescue series. Light, fast and incredibly tough. The bottom features a skid plate layer of our unique Heat-Shield composite material which allows the bag to glide over the roughest surfaces and still take the heat. Innovative access-hatch design lets you get to the spare face piece and valve set faster than any design on the market.

With our new Quick-Draw design you won't have to waste precious time searching for the transfill hose. When you open the transfill pocket the end of the hose is pulled out and held ready to grab.

True North L-2 RIT Bag

Add Rope Bag
    • Designed to hold all makes of masks and bottles
    • Quick-Draw transfill hose pocket pulls hose end out and ready to grab
    • Flashlight holder on top makes bag easier to find in low visibility conditions
    • Two tool pockets provide fast access to small hand tools, light sticks
    • More 3M Reflective Tape for a 360 degree view
    • Additional webbing to attach L2 rope bag to the outside of the L2 RIT bag
    • Increased number of rivets to skid plate for maximum durability
    • Included strap on the inside to better secure the cylinder in the bag

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