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17 piece Crash Rescue Kit

Originally developed for the Air Force, these kits have everything that is needed to cut through metal, webbing, rope, wood and other obstructions. Comes complete with a rubber coated nylon roll-up carry case.  All purpose set of tools for use in aircraft & helicopter crash and fire emergencies. Contains everything needed to quickly and efficiently cut through metal, webbing, wood, rope, and other obstructions.

  • Ship wt. 18 lbs.
  • Tools are held firmly in place, yet each tool is easily accessible
  • Weather-resistant, hi-vis yellow carrying case is made from mildew-resistant, rubber-coated nylon
  • Aircraft Cable Cutter cut 1/8 to 1/4 capacity, will cut cable without deforming ends
  • Hack Saw Frame adjusts from 10" to 12" and adjusts 90° for vertical or horizontal cuts
  • Hand Axe has handle insulated for 20,000V

Crash Rescue Kit

SKU: L471
    • Metal Cutting Saw: 16" blade
    • Aircraft Cable Cutter: cuts 1/8" to 1/4" capacity and is 14" long; cuts cable without deforming ends
    • Lineman's Pliers: 8" long/extra strong
    • Hack Saw Frame: adjustable from 8" to 12" and faces 4 ways
    • 3 Hack Saw Blades: hard toothed, silver steel for fast cutting
    • Grappling Hook & Rope: 52" sling
    • 2 Phillips Head Screwdrivers: 6" and 8"
    • 2 Slotted Head Screwdrivers: 6" and 8"
    • 3 Wooden Plugs: to plug fuel and control lines
    • Vise Grip Wrench: 10" long
    • Serrated Edge Hand Axe: 15" long w/handle insulated for 20,000 volts
    • Safety V Blade Rescue Knife
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